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Mont d'Or Spa

We are passionate when it comes to massaging, treating and pampering people. Mont d’Or offers an unforgettable Franschhoek spa experience, with a range of experience to indulge.

Experienced in all forms of massage and beauty treatment, our therapists specialise in therapeutic massage styles that can help relieve stress, and improve posture and circulation in the body.


Here’s what you can look forward to… (Click for more details)

Body Therapies

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage | R450.00

30 min

Experience this classic massage in a whole new way. Beginning with guided breathing to help you relax, this massage covers all the essential places, and includes a body scrub and steam. You’ll walk out feeling like you’ve just had a week’s holiday.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage | R550.00

45 min

Just like the 30 minute variation, but even longer because Carol is really, really good at this.

Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage | R450.00

45 min

This massage is more intense and uses more pressure. It focuses more on your muscles and is ideal for knots, stiffness and back strain. Our active clients love this one.

Hot Stone Massage (Back & Neck) | R450.00

30 min

First, oil is gently applied to your skin and you are treated to a light Swedish massage as the stones heat. The individual hot stones are then applied to your back and neck and set to work easing tension and gently relaxing knots and muscles. It’s the ideal way to help your body unwind.

Hot Stone Massage (Full Body) | R750.00

60 min

Just like our hot stone massage, but with even more hot stones applied to even more of your body for an even more relaxing experience.

Aromatherapy Massage | R750.00

60 min

Choose from a relaxing set of scents, and have your chosen essential oil mixed with massage oil in just the right proportion to add aromatherapy to your back or full body massage. Our choice of essential oils includes rose oil, eucalyptus (good for soothing of the muscle), lavender (good for reducing inflammation) and lemongrass (good for cooling & sinus), among many others.

Mont d'Or Facial


60 min

Relax and rejuvenate your face with our complete facial. Once the cleanser, toner, exfoliator and mask have done their work, you’ll be treated to a gentle facial massage with rejuvenating serum before we add the finishing touch.

Hand and Feet

Express Manicure | R300.00

30 min

If you love your nails, you’ll love our express manicure. We pamper your hands and nails until they are left glowing and relaxed, including a 4 step process to add a gorgeous new colour. The result is perfection.

Express Pedicure | R350.00

30 min

If it’s time to treat your feet, our pedicure will have them soaked, scrubbed and massaged until soft, relaxed and hydrated. Thanks to Carol, our pedicure goes the extra mile to finish with a massage of you feet and calves, all the way up to your knee. Our clients say it feels incredible. And, of course, if you’d like a splash of fresh colour, we’ll take you through the full 4 step process.

Buff & Paint | R120.00

15 min

We file, buff and paint your nails. Simple.

Re-paint | R80.00

15 min

Need a fresh coat of colour? Let us do it for you while you relax. It’s what our luxury experience is all about.

Spa Packages

Birthday Bliss | R1800.00

3 hrs

Want to give someone special and extra-special experience? Look no further. Consisting of an intensive back & neck massage, followed by a mini-facial, express manicure and express pedicure, this package will leave them feeling not a year older, but ten years younger.

To cap it off, we present the special someone with a bottle of Méthod Cap Classique and a selection of local cheeses when their massage is complete. It’s three hours in heaven.

Stress Relief | R1050.00

90 mins

Sometimes our stress just doesn’t seem to go away. Luckily there’s Franschhoek and Mont d’Or for that. Our special stress relief package consists of a full body massage, followed by an Indian head massage and foot massage. Taken together, it targets all the most important areas of stress in your body. The Indian head massage then targets pressure points that can help sooth your sinuses and relieve migraines. If you’d like to add a weekend away to your stress relief spa package, we’ve got rooms as well.

Essential Escape for Couples | R3000.00 (per couple)

3 hrs

If you’re looking for a romantic couples experience that will leave you both smiling from ear to ear, it’s time to escape to Franschhoek and indulge in Mont d’Or’s Essential Escape massage package for two. This includes a full body massage, an Indian head massage, a full manicure and a full pedicure each.

To cap it all off, you’ll receive a bottle of local Méthod Cap Classique and a selection of local cheeses to snack on as you absorb the experience in the sunshine, or lounging alongside our pool.

Medical aesthetics treatments

At Mont d’Or we work with local specialist Dr Andrew Koch to provide world class medical aesthetics treatment to our guests.

These include botox, dermal fillers and threads, and are all performed in our spa. Dr Koch will conduct a professional assessment, which, along with your personal preference, will result in a tailored aesthetics treatment all in the comfort of Mont d’Or. To learn more about Dr Koch, and the treatments we offer, click here.

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